Sunday, 22 January 2012

My little Vampire :D

She has no body of her own, no hair; I brought a practice/replacement RBL face plate, and decided last night to try and carve fangs and though she is far from perfect I have fallen in love with her.
I made her a little jumper, which is being modelled by Kitty, i also made one for kitty too, i dont want her feeling left out! :D

Friday, 20 January 2012

Another New Arrival

I adore her hair! so that will be staying, such a beautiful pale face plate can't waite to design her face up!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Choices Choices???

My first ever Order arrived from My little Customs, and i am really pleased with service :D

The Nylon comes in so many beautiful colours, but does feel a little weird and kinky!
{i am used to handling natural fibre!}and the Saren is really glossy and soft, only down side is it feels a bit oily.

Now just have to make up my mind what colour/s hair she is going to have, as i REALLY love the colour of the pale pink Saren. {oh Choices Choices}

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Girls :D

Pow Pow Poncho SBL-2 and Kiss me True RBL

Both will be having a face up, even though i think Kiss me true is actually a pretty stock girl,but must admit i am not that keen on Pow Pow stock face at all, and her hair is really greasy as well, so i am hoping to re-root with ginger mohair, that and some cute freckles i am sure i will fall in love with her :D

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Luna's winter wonderland crochet Hat

Inspired the frosty English weather this morning, I decided to make Luna a hat to keep her little bald head warm until her hair arrives {yep the fibre in the picture is from my Blythe UN- re root :D shoved underneath her hat hehe}
I improvised the pattern and just kept doing increase rounds until it covered the biggest part of her head then after that, a few equal rounds to get length and then a row of decrease to make a snug fit. {I am making her another so will write down what I did next time}
I added white beads and little snow flake buttons, that I have had for few years now :D I think she looks really cute! The Waite for her eyes is killing me!
And I really need to learn how to make a wig, because these locks really suite her.


Monday, 16 January 2012

New Arrival ~ Hujoo Berry

My first Hujoo Berry!..and I am absolutely in love with her! Just waiting for her eyes and hair to arrive..she is nameless at the moment, but I have a few fairy names in mind :D

Out with the OLD...{Re-root}

And in with the new...well sort of!

Using a pair of tweezers i worked from the crown down, Removing all the hair and left the centre parting to last, wasn’t difficult as all, quite satisfying actually lol
Re-rooting on the other hand, it well.. TIME Consuming, I had planned on using natural fibres and the fibre pictured are wensleydale locks, that i hand dyed, the stunning colours inspired by  “Mermaids” hair Fantasy colour way yarn.
I started off doing the centre parting using the knot method because the fibre isn’t as long as I had originally thought! {boo :(} and it’s been a pain in the bum!
I have used a tiny crochet hook, and a embroidery needle, but find my dolly needle works best!, even though I have stabbed myself in the leg! And chipped a bit of my bottom tooth :D {yep my own fault for using my teeth to pull the needle through} I have also tired the hair plugs wet and dry, and even though EVERYONE says the fibre needs to be wet, I just found I was a lot quicker with it dry, and I could see better which areas need thicker or thinner plugs.
After working on the re-root, for the best part of a week, I am gutted to say, that I am going to have to take it all out, as it’s just not as long as I want it to be!
I have ordered some nylon hair from my little customs, which I am hoping will arrive in the next few days! I guess at least this way I can build my confidence with both!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The scalp *gulp*

Before attempting to open my Blythe, I searched the internet high and low for a Tutorial, but only stumbled on ones that had partially taken the flange out.
So I took a deep breath and pulled the scalp from the dome, there was only a little bit of glue on the back, and it came out easy enough, so I thought before detaching completely I would try putting it back in and to my surprise it went back in all the way, little bit tricky in some areas but on a whole a lot better than expected

As you can see from the last picture there is a little gap between the edges, so may need to use some craft glue in a couple of spots to secure in place.{There was no glue on the dome its self though}

Changing Face's

When my other girls arrive I will put together a tutorial on how I carved my simply chocolate, but for now here are a few pictures that I took during the process and for my first attempt I am really pleased with her nose.
So as you can see the new face plate has been sanded to remove shine and make up, i then used my dental pick to carve my lines, then used the combination of carving and sanding to achieve final look.

The areas that i carved on this face plate were; around and in the nose, the philtrum{above the lip} and mouth.
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