Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Luna's winter wonderland crochet Hat

Inspired the frosty English weather this morning, I decided to make Luna a hat to keep her little bald head warm until her hair arrives {yep the fibre in the picture is from my Blythe UN- re root :D shoved underneath her hat hehe}
I improvised the pattern and just kept doing increase rounds until it covered the biggest part of her head then after that, a few equal rounds to get length and then a row of decrease to make a snug fit. {I am making her another so will write down what I did next time}
I added white beads and little snow flake buttons, that I have had for few years now :D I think she looks really cute! The Waite for her eyes is killing me!
And I really need to learn how to make a wig, because these locks really suite her.


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  1. She looks so cute with the little fringe peeping out from under the bonnet


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