Thursday, 19 January 2012

Choices Choices???

My first ever Order arrived from My little Customs, and i am really pleased with service :D

The Nylon comes in so many beautiful colours, but does feel a little weird and kinky!
{i am used to handling natural fibre!}and the Saren is really glossy and soft, only down side is it feels a bit oily.

Now just have to make up my mind what colour/s hair she is going to have, as i REALLY love the colour of the pale pink Saren. {oh Choices Choices}

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  1. Candy colours, lot it!. Which of your gals will you use these for?. Love the pinks to, I found 6 My Little Ponies for my niece on charity shop adventures, a few feature the same pinks and I have to confess I kept one for that reason lol!



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