Monday, 16 January 2012

Out with the OLD...{Re-root}

And in with the new...well sort of!

Using a pair of tweezers i worked from the crown down, Removing all the hair and left the centre parting to last, wasn’t difficult as all, quite satisfying actually lol
Re-rooting on the other hand, it well.. TIME Consuming, I had planned on using natural fibres and the fibre pictured are wensleydale locks, that i hand dyed, the stunning colours inspired by  “Mermaids” hair Fantasy colour way yarn.
I started off doing the centre parting using the knot method because the fibre isn’t as long as I had originally thought! {boo :(} and it’s been a pain in the bum!
I have used a tiny crochet hook, and a embroidery needle, but find my dolly needle works best!, even though I have stabbed myself in the leg! And chipped a bit of my bottom tooth :D {yep my own fault for using my teeth to pull the needle through} I have also tired the hair plugs wet and dry, and even though EVERYONE says the fibre needs to be wet, I just found I was a lot quicker with it dry, and I could see better which areas need thicker or thinner plugs.
After working on the re-root, for the best part of a week, I am gutted to say, that I am going to have to take it all out, as it’s just not as long as I want it to be!
I have ordered some nylon hair from my little customs, which I am hoping will arrive in the next few days! I guess at least this way I can build my confidence with both!

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