Thursday, 12 January 2012

The scalp *gulp*

Before attempting to open my Blythe, I searched the internet high and low for a Tutorial, but only stumbled on ones that had partially taken the flange out.
So I took a deep breath and pulled the scalp from the dome, there was only a little bit of glue on the back, and it came out easy enough, so I thought before detaching completely I would try putting it back in and to my surprise it went back in all the way, little bit tricky in some areas but on a whole a lot better than expected

As you can see from the last picture there is a little gap between the edges, so may need to use some craft glue in a couple of spots to secure in place.{There was no glue on the dome its self though}

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  1. You have a great blog reading Blythe blogs. Come visit me sometime at

    I have only been blogging for a little while and began collecting Blythes back in August, but have six now with another two in the mail!


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