Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Introduction :D

Hello *waves*
I decided to create this blog space, to document my doll customising journey,  I have never customised a doll before, so I am a total beginner, I don’t know anyone in real life that dose this either so it’s going to be a total learning curve, and I sure a lot of mistakes will be made lol.
I have already made start on customising my first Blythe so please be patient with me while I put together all the posts and pictures for the relevant stages : D
But for now I would like to introduce you to my stock girl simply Chocolate, she is a FBL which stands for Fairest,{but her head and mechanisms are the same as the RBL which stands for radiant, as far as I can tell}   I brought her from eBay and it took roughly two weeks for her to arrive from  Japan.
Over the next few Days I will update the blog, with information on tools I am using where I got them, the websites I have been using to educate myself, and my own tutorials on the technique I used to take apart face plate, sand mat the face ,face carve, and scalp :D

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  1. Great choice! Simply Chocolate has a very charming look to her.


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