Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Opening a RBL/FBL Blythe head

After all the horror stories I read about opening up an RBL, I was very reluctant to try and open mine.
RBL have three little screws at the back of the head, you also have the little square hole that has the spring attached, now for me trying to unhook that spring before opening the head was a pain and just far to fiddly, so I unattached after I opened.
  You will read a lot of post on blogs and websites stating that you have to a considerable amount of presser at the ears for it to pop open…so I was surprised when my head popped with hardly any pressure at all.  

As you can see from the picture above the spring is still attached to the back of the head, if you are going to attempt to unhook by this method, don’t pull the head to far apart, otherwise you will over stretch the spring and it won’t work when you hook it back. To unattached mine I used a metal crochet hook {buy one for your tool bag if you crochet, because you will end up blunting them} and a pair of tweezers.
The great thing about RBL is you can open the face, without having to touch her scalp like the other earlier models. Another bonus is you swap scalps with other RBLs to change your Blythe if you don’t want to go down the re-root avenue  and also change face plates!

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