Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tool's *inserts creepy laugh*

My Tool kits consists of:
Screw drivers - great for prying, and of course undoing the screws
Paint brushes – from sweeping, dusting and painting very handy :)
Dental tools – nice and Sharpe but also strong and thin, so ideal for face craving. {I brought mine from ebay}
Mini needle files - great for nostrils, mouths, philtrum and around eyes. {I brought mine from ebay}
Tweezers - Removing hair from scalp and eyes lashes
Craft knife – not had to use mine yet, but have read that they’re great for flanges and scalping the earlier models of Blythe.
Sand paper – I have super fine wet and dry sand paper and also nail buffing blocks, also I found using an eraser with the sand paper wrapped round makes an awesome little sand block.
Glue sticks – not pictured but on order.. to remove eye chips {the glue sticks you use in glue guns}
Fake eyelashes – if you want to change your Blythe original ones.
Air brush kit – not essential but my preferred method to apply the makeup, I am also using magic colour paints which become water proof when dry and high grade art pastels.
Nail Art stencils – To add little face or eyelid decorations 
Glue – again this is down to personal preference, I am using craft glue instead of super glue, so that if I want to change things at a later date, I can do so with out to many problems or making too much mess.
New eye chips – you can buy beautiful handmade ones from etsy, and you can try making some yourself {which I am going to attempt at some stage.}
Dolls hair – if you’re going to re-root you will need your replacement fibre, being a total Yarny and die hard natural fibre fan, I am sticking with Mohair ,Alpaca and wensleydale sheep locks, because like human hair, you can dye, wash, and use heated hair appliances to style.{ I will go more  in-depth about the fibres in a later post.}

Crochet hooks - for re-rooting hair and un hooking springs
**  At the moment I am still trying out EVERYTHING to find my perfect tools {which will be different for every one}  so my list is quite long :D but then I am a person who likes a lot of stuff!! Lol..i will add to this list if I come across things that work better than others.

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